The only program for you, the soul-powered entrepreneur, who’s driven to create wealth while having a meaningful impact on the world.


The only problem is, your success is delayed by major time wasters like over-consuming faulty advice, constantly changing strategy, and lack of a clear and focused plan. Together we ditch the fluff and focus in on business essentials so you can increase revenue, momentum, and confidence immediately.

Building your business shouldn’t feel like you’re being spun around in a blindfold to pin the tail on the donkey. Enlightened Enrollment shows you how to create with certainty by mastering 3 key business foundations so you can take control of your time and your bank account.


    Over-consume information instead of creating your own content to position yourself as an expert

    Feel swamped with a business to-do list the size of Texas but still aren’t making money

    Still feel invisible and procrastinate being seen because you’re unsure what makes you unique

    Doubt that you even have what it takes to get your business off the ground

    Have a burnt out bank account fearing that you’ll have to crawl back to get a J-O-B

Since when does doing MORE of what doesn’t work lead to Success?

Imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel when your business is set up for long term success in a way that gives you energy, allows you the freedom to create your own schedule, and word about your expertise spreads like wildfire.


   What if you could double your revenue each year for the next 10 years?

   What if you had the perfect client intake system so the clients can flood in and fill your calendar?

   How would your business be different if you had an offer that sets you apart from industry leaders?

   What if you lived the lifestyle that only Pinterest boards are made of?

   And what if you could proudly tell people how your business is changing lives without feeling like a fraud?


You’re an expert at what you do but now you’re expected to be an expert in business too. 

Getting overwhelmed by the noise of the entrepreneurial world wasn’t what you had in mind when you set out to serve your people and spend your time doing what you love. 


That’s why I create the Enlightened Enrollment™ process, to rescue you from the endless guesswork and instead give you the tools to create wealth with certainty, knowingness and confidence.


In just 6 months, you’ll be exposed to a new way of doing business that uncovers your unique talents and monetizes them in a way that satisfies your heart, soul and bank account.



Your first private call will leave you reeling in the glow of your business makeover. 

Each week we’ll cover new ground through group lessons and private mentoring to ensure that you get results and develop your unique sales positioning to have you enrolling new clients right away.

You’ll get access to done-for-you daily plans so you’ll never experience the feeling of being lost on what to do each day to sign clients and create income.

This program was designed to keep you focused and stay ahead of any inner resistance so you can banish time-wasting and grow a sustainable business. 


    Structure your business so you stop exhausting yourself trying to make money 

    Master your sales calls so that you regularly hear the magic words, “How can I work with you?”

    Create an offer that gets repeatable results for your clients and brings in referrals and testimonials like gangbusters

    Learn the 6 tools that provide high-level creativity, energy and innovative ideas (get ready to stand out)

    Get the feedback you need to master new skills and make things happen fast

    Make entrepreneurial life less daunting with fill-in-the-blank templates, scheduling cheat sheets, and done-for-you scripts.

Unlike other programs, you’ll get personal attention so you can master the elements that create success and never second guess yourself again.  



When you focus in on the key factors that turn a specific skill into a profitable  business, you’ll not only make the money you want but improve the lives of your clients in an EVEN MORE powerful way!  

If you’ve been mining the internet for real solutions and you’re ready to come out the other side — doing what you love, making more money and having more free time — sign up for Enlightened Enrollment™ today.







“Impressed but not surprised! Soul Rising is the best gift I’ve ever given my business.”  — JEANIE L, TIMBERS FITNESS, CT



After calls with Lindsay I’m surprised I don’t need to add more work to my to-do list — she showed me that when I take the right things away, that’s when I make progress!”  


Working with Lindsay made me realize just how much I was totally undercharging for my services and my expertise. She’s helped me go from a state of overwhelm to one of clarity, and inspired me to streamline my entire business and sales process. Thanks to her, I am finally creating a membership site for my private clients next month! After each call with Lindsay I’m surprised I don’t need to add more work to my to-do list — she showed me that when I take the right things away that’s when I make progress!”— AVNI P, MARKETING STRATEGIST, INDIA



Lindsay provided me with the tools I needed to focus and organize. I have been off and running ever since. 

“I am now able to better manage the information around me, which in turn has allowed me to become a more valuable part of my team. 

Lindsay’s ability to break down and see the root cause of an issue is fantastic. It helped me zero in on exactly what needed to be done.

The light-hearted style of our sessions made an otherwise daunting processes enjoyable.

I’m now one step closer to world domination… But seriously, a lot more responsibility has been shifted to me, which has allowed me to look further down the road at what I want to accomplish and put me a step closer to that vision. Since our work together I’ve also received my first raise, and that doesn’t suck.”


I was nervous about making strategy calls… with Lindsay’s coaching, the sale literally comes naturally and organically from the call.  

Starting out, my mindset was to reach as many people as possible and to be all things to all people. I was struggling getting clients, trying to serve all, serves no one. With Lindsay’s help, I was able to find my niche. 

Prior to working with Lindsay I was nervous about making strategy calls and had a difficult time convincing people to purchase services from me. With Lindsay’s coaching, the sale literally comes naturally and organically from the call.

I feel less scattered and have a clear vision and clear goals on how to expand and grow financially.


I hope Lindsay is the next Tony Robbins, and I could say I knew her when.

I was going through a big life change that I had never experienced before – leaving one job, to figure out what to do, and where to go next. Truthfully, out of all my friends and family, because of your experience and being unbiased, you’ve made the biggest impact on me. Lindsay has a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and a bright personality that makes her special. Very few people have all 3 qualities. I think the best coaches are smart, friendly, real people who happen to be coaching professionals. I believe Lindsay is strong and effective enough to go on tour and talk to large groups of people. I hope she’s the next Tony Robbins, and I could say I knew her when! I never thought I would ever need or want to talk to a coach. I’m glad I stepped across that barrier and tried it out. Just like in every meaningful program or conversation, there’s always something that is said that can trigger a change – the difference with Lindsay, is that there are lots of those.”


I now have all of the tools, resources and opportunities in order to create a freedom-based lifestyle and business!!

“I have had so many mindset shifts that it’s hard to count! One of the biggest shifts has been from lack to abundance, leaning into gratitude and tapping into my higher self. I underestimated how powerful the inner work was in order to achieve the outer work and progress!! I now have all of the tools, resources and opportunities in order to create a freedom-based lifestyle and business. I think that one of my favorite things about working with Lindsay is that we just sync up and it makes it really easy to be completely vulnerable. I look forward to our calls because I know that we’ll dig into so many good things and create action steps on each area which are so incredibly helpful! I’m not sure where I’d be without Lindsay, but I know I don’t want to think about it!!” 



The best money I have spent for personal/business growth.

 “The best money I have spent for personal/business growth. Even after meeting the first time, my life shifted and things started happening. When we met I was struggling with personal blocks on manifesting my desires in life, relationships, etc. I truly feel that your wisdom comes from another place and you are able to give people what they exactly need to hear and see. 

Working with Lindsay has been so powerful.
“Working with Lindsay has been so powerful. I was extremely impressed with the breadth and depth of her work – she covers the whole gamut from inspiring inner work to clear-cut action steps for business success. Not only did she help us make progress and develop our brand during our time working together, but she gave us useful tools to continue to grow ourselves and our business from here on. She really helped us see our passion and purpose, and helped us clarify our message so we can share them with our community and help more people. I’m forever grateful for having met and worked with her.” 

You can absolutely grow your business without doing “All. Of. The. Things.” 

Enlightened Enrollment™ can show you how.  






  1. Click the button to reserve a breakthrough call and tell me a bit about you and your business so I know how to help you right away.
  2. During the call we’ll map out your business building steps for the next few months and make sure the program is exactly what you need at this time in your business. If it’s not a fit you’ll still leave with an individualized plan and incredible value.
  3. If we decide to continue our work together, you’ll receive a payment link and client agreement.
  4. You’ll be sent your login to the VIP training portal as well as access to my client-only scheduling system to set up your calls for the coming months.
  5. Calls can be recorded (at your request) and emailed straight to you for download so you can refer back to lessons and refresh anytime.
  6. As we continue our work we’ll communicate through email, phone and your exclusive training portal.


Once you’ve enrolled you’ll get immediate access to the members-only area so you can dive in and start transforming your business this week!




*Not sure if it’s the right fit? Click the button and let’s chat!


you’ve helped me create new beliefs and action steps that aren’t scary and overwhelming! 

“Before I may have let fear (my lack of confidence) and stress get in my way of going after the things I want, but thanks to you, you’ve helped me create new beliefs and action steps that aren’t scary and overwhelming! Having you as my coach opened up a world of new possibilities I never knew existed.”



Lindsay has transformed me from a boss to a leader.

“I have been working with Lindsay for almost 4 years now. Lindsay has transformed me from a boss to a leader, not only in business but in my personal life. After every call or meeting you will have that “oh my god” realization about yourself or a situation. Lindsay is very easy to confide in, being able to open up really helps get to the root of a situation and makes you more aware in life. When you fully understand yourself and meaning behind human reactions, you are in control of your life.”


I was stuck in my job…then I found Lindsay. 

“I was stuck in my job feeling that there is no way up or no way out so I decided to search for my soul purpose and then I found Lindsay. Lindsay has opened my eyes to so may things about my life, self-worth and self-love. I am a changed person and I cannot thank Lindsay enough. She taught me what my fear really was and taught me to “fly”.”



I have definitely begun to experience the changes I have been trying to do on my own.

“I  had the good fortune to meet Lindsay at a networking event and Instantaneously  recognized her approach to ‘coaching’ was a unique and right on the mark. I have been in practice since 1990 and through the years have had a variety of people as consultants. Along with hiring different people I was a “seminar junkie” and have had read many books and listened to many audio programs  without much change occurring.  Between Lindsay’s formal training and her unique insight I have definitely begun to experience the changes I have been trying to do on my own. I strongly recommend that you speak  with her if you want to continue to get the most out of your  life.


Sensitive and direct; an approach that I know I needed in order to propel onward and upward. 
“Lindsay has not only helped me transform my outlook on life & business, but more importantly opened the portal to self discovery. Her approach is sensitive and direct; an approach that I know I needed in order to propel onward and upward. I am so blessed and grateful to have Lindsay and Soul Rising in my life. Sometimes I replay little anecdotes that Lindsay says when I’m tying to make a “tough” decision. I smile because after this retrospection, the decision isn’t “tough” at all.”

 I highly encourage you to give Lindsay a call..

When we met, Lindsay asked me a ton of questions about who I am, how I run my business, and what makes me so passionate about what I do. As a trainer, I am the one who is used to asking my clients all the questions, so this was very different for me. She was able to get me to think about who I am and what I wanted my brand to stand for. She asked in-depth questions which gave me a better understanding of who my ideal client is and how to best target them. Working with Lindsay is an absolute pleasure! I highly encourage you to give Lindsay a call.”


Elevate, Enlighten & Enroll Clients Now.