I’m Lindsay — The creatress of the Enlightened Enrollment™ coaching program, soulful strategist, and productivity expert. 

If you want your job to be fulfilling and profitable, knowing which skills to master is vital to your success. Building your business shouldn’t feel like you’re being spun around in a blindfold to pin the tail on the donkey. Instead, having a clear plan allows you to take control of your time — leading to a meaningful, soul-centered career, more confidence and financial freedom. 

We’ve all had jobs we hated — whether it was a being stuck in a sad, grey cubicle in corporate, or a soul-sucking day job that meaninglessly consumed our time. It no longer has to be that way.

The rise of personal brands and online business models enable you to create, reach and enroll the people you most love to serve, like never before. 

Times have changed and you want to spend your days creating wealth in a way you love, without having to choose between happiness and a paycheck. 

With the right set of tools under your belt, I believe you can have both. 

What comes with this big ocean of possibilities is a whole lot of insecurity, fear and overwhelm. As a new entrepreneur you may not have a clue where to start, or even start over when things don’t produce results. 


And Then It Hit Me.

As a senior designer in corporate I was branding and designing products to sell. I was great at my job, making money, but incredibly unhealthy and burnt out! 

I felt lost, overwhelmed and frustrated beyond belief. I was lucky to grow up with incredibly positive parents who drove home the lesson that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. This lesson finally clicked as I worked with Transformation Success Coach and Author of The Prosperity Paradigm, Steve D’Annunzio. Working privately with Steve for 3 years exposed all aspects of what it means to truly live your soul purpose. Despite my new understanding — there I was stuck, burnt out and determined to make a change. 

Second time’s a charm.

So I took the leap and quit my job with no “real” plan. It wasn’t easy, the learning curve was steep and I had to figure things out, fast. 

I was faced with conflicting messages about how to build a coaching business the right way. My social feed and masterminds were full of fluffed up advice that only produced fleeting results, and lead to my second round of epic burnout. 

The struggle was real. 

But NOW, armed with solid strategy, having mastered the foundations, I get to help other soul-centered female entrepreneurs bring their vision to life using a process they can trust. 

My passion, or rather obsession, is helping people build meaningful businesses that go beyond their profits.

The overworked, empty, and corporate Lindsay would be proud of what I’ve created today.

Stop second guessing your talents, take the time to step back and focus on the important tasks in your business first, and create rituals that boost your magnetism, and you’ll be set up to enroll clients in a way that feels really good to both you and your bank account. 

Your deserve to do work you love. 







With a decade of branding, packaging and product design under her belt, Lindsay has mastered the process of extracting value and mapping it to sell. 

  • Transformational Coaching Method Coach, Holistic MBA
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Yoga Instructor, MB Yoga
  • MFA, New England School of Design
  • BFA, Rhode Island School of Design  

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You can absolutely grow your business without doing “All. Of. The. Things.”

I can show you how to

Elevate, Enlighten & Enroll clients.

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